Special credits to all people involved building and shaping the app: Mustad employees, Monterail development team, consultants and especially farriers. Without your input and feedback we would never have been able to pull this off creating the app to make life easier for farriers, all over the world.

Ashley, Josh, Nicholas, Trent, Mark, Simon, Kyal, Aksel, Fabrice, Lochlan, Sandy, Brent, Jack, Nathan, Tom, John, Keith, Petter, Hayley, Simon, Liam, Liz, Angela, Patrick, Remco, Juan Carlos, Carlos, Olgierd, Kamila, Tamara, Sebastiaan, Katy, Carly, Annia, Joanna, Laura, Anton, Diederik, Debbie, Ric, Danny, Diana, Joel, Clint, Fernanda, Katelin, Alex, Jakub, Carl, Radek, Hans, Tim, Alejandra, Maartje, Luca, Maurice, Alexander, Kent, Glen, María Andrea, Luke, Jason, Dan, Michael, Steven, Terrance, Victoria, Brad, Clarin, Matthew, Bas, Masoud & Noreen.

We will update and improve the app, so we expect the list to grow over time.
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