Farrier blog | 29 September, 2023
A day in the Life of an Award-Winning Farrier
Ever wondered what a day in a modern professional farrier's life look like? We are thrilled to share Brad's journey with you!
Meet Brad Hinze, our EQUINET brand ambassador, an award-winning farrier from the scenic Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

Brad excels in Stud Farm shoeing, addressing foot issues in young stock, and shoeing performance horses. He's a renowned competition farrier with numerous national and state championships to his name.
Morning Rituals and Navigating the Day's Calendar
Brad's day begins with tending to jobs on the farm before making sure he has all the tools and products he needs for the day's work.

One of his most important morning rituals is to check his calendar on EQUINET and prepare himself and his team for the upcoming client appointments.
First Job of the Day & EQUINET's Indispensable Role
For his first job of the day, Brad heads to Newgate Stud Farm, where stallions await his skilled touch. His team also gears up to make their mark as they head to Coolmore for some Weaner trims.

In Brad's own words, EQUINET has revolutionised his workflow. At the start of each job, he reviews the previous horse entry in the app and then adds a new entry for the work done on the horse. This ensures accurate records and payment for the work done.
Keeping a Real-time Overview of his Team's Work
Next, Brad takes a moment to check how his team is doing at Coolmore. Brad's team is working at different locations across the farm but all are connected through the EQUINET app. All the work they do is logged in real time, allowing better coordination, regardless of their locations.

He briefly checks a rehabilitating jumping pony and then joins his team at Coolmore Paddock.
Addressing Horse Concerns via EQUINET
During Brad's day, one of his team mates Ben shares his concerns about a horse through EQUINET, enabling Brad to offer virtual support by assessing images and providing valuable insights.

He also spends some time at the Vet's office of the Coolmore Stud Farm, looking at some X-rays before moving on to some more appointments.
Wrapping up admin work with EQUINET Web
As the day ends, Brad joins his team in the forge before reviewing the daily report from EQUINET, which is sent to stud secretaries and his bookkeeper for invoicing.

Brad prefers using the EQUINET Web App on a larger screen to efficiently complete pending admin tasks.
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