Farrier blog | 2 july, 2024
Kicking Off the New Financial Year as a Farrier
The new Australian financial year is here, and it's a great time to get your farrier business in shape. Setting new goals and planning ahead are important, but so is making sure your administrative tasks are efficient. The EQUINET Farrier App offers tools to make your business run smoothly. Here’s how you can use EQUINET to start the new financial year strong.
Using Digital Accounting for Efficiency
One of the first steps to a successful financial year is to streamline your accounting processes. Traditional methods of managing invoices and expenses can be time-consuming and prone to errors. By adopting digital accounting tools, you can save time and reduce stress. The EQUINET App integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, allowing you to generate invoices quickly, ensure timely payments, and keep accurate financial records.

Hear from Brad Hinze, farrier from New South Wales & our EQUINET brand ambassador on how he makes the best use of the invoicing feature to manage his business.
Brad Hinze on What He Likes About EQUINET App
Australian Farrier Testimonial
Simplify Scheduling and Client Management
A well-organized schedule is crucial for maintaining a smooth workflow. EQUINET's scheduling feature allows you to manage appointments effortlessly. You can set reminders, handle client bookings, and even track RSVPs. This helps keep your appointments organized and enhances client satisfaction by ensuring timely and reliable service. The Horse Entry feature further aids in documenting your services, providing detailed records for each horse you work with.
“EQUINET is our go-to for hassle free appointment scheduling. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the automated invites and reminders for clients has saved us from countless forgotten appointments.”
Adam Morris
Farrier, New South Wales
Manage Inventory with Ease
Keeping track of your supplies is essential to avoid last-minute shortages and ensure you have everything needed to deliver top-notch service. EQUINET’s Inventory feature helps you monitor and manage your stock efficiently. Conduct an inventory stocktake at the beginning of the financial year to assess your current supplies of horseshoes, nails, tools, and other essential items. Use the app’s Shopping List feature to reorder products from your Hoofcare dealer, ensuring you’re always well-stocked.
“Once a month I use the EQUINET app to create a shopping list for my monthly order. I simply edit the previous months shopping list, save it and send to my Mustad dealer. It is so quick and easy and very convenient.”
Brad Porter
Farrier, Australia
Integrate with Xero and QuickBooks
Integrating EQUINET with Xero or QuickBooks is a great way to take full advantage of digital accounting. These integrations allow you to synchronize your financial data, making it easier to manage your books and prepare for tax time. While Xero and QuickBooks charge a monthly fee, the investment is worthwhile for the efficiency and accuracy they bring to your financial management. Your bookkeeper, tax specialist or someone from the EQUINET team can assist in setting up these integrations, ensuring that your revenue and expenses are tracked accurately throughout the year.
“Link Xero with an EQUINET account to simplify your business admin! My cash flow has improved dramatically. I used to write notes and invoice customers manually, which elevated my stress levels. During COVID, I set up Xero & EQUINET, and now I invoice right after a job, ensuring timely payments and reduced stress. Plus, clients love the detailed reports with photos!”
Leigh MacDonald
Farrier, Victoria
Prepare for the Year Ahead

Starting the new financial year with a clear plan and the right tools can set the stage for success. Beyond managing your finances and inventory, consider how you can further enhance your client relationships. Regularly update your contact information, stay engaged with clients through consistent communication and the reporting feature, and continuously seek ways to improve your service offerings.

By integrating EQUINET into your business operations, you’re not only simplifying your administrative tasks but also positioning yourself for a more efficient and productive year.

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