Guide to EQUINET Features
Keeping Inventory Updated
To make sure your inventory in the app is up to date with your real-life inventory, we recommend you to manually check your real-life product stock and update the products and quantities in the app on a regular basis.

Tip: If you place an order with your dealer using EQUINET's shopping list feature, simply click the 'add to inventory' button once your order is received, and your inventory will be automatically updated (Read: Sharing Shopping List with Dealer for more information). Make sure the quantity of product received matches the quantity in the shopping list.

Automatic inventory updates based on entries
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your inventory up-to-date, so we created an automatic feature that updates your inventory whenever you add products to your entries. When you add a product in a horse entry, the inventory automatically updates.

This functions in two ways:

1) If you add a product to an entry that is not yet in inventory, it will be added to your inventory, but with a quantity of "0." (assuming you have used the product in the procedure the entry was for). If you already have more of the product in stock, simply go to your inventory and enter the correct quantity.

2) If you add a product to an entry that is already in inventory, the app will automatically deduct the quantity used from the product.
Keeping Inventory Updated | Step-by-step Video Tutorial