Guide to EQUINET Features
Managing Member Roles
When a new team member joins your team on EQUINET, you must confirm their role.

There are two options:

ADMIN - Access to all information in the app, including the financial overview, invoicing, and procedure pricing. The admin is the team's owner.

MEMBER - This allows users to view, add, and update information such as horses, contacts, and entries but will not see or have access to the financial overview or have access to invoicing or procedures.

Please note that each new member is automatically marked as a member. The owner needs to manually change their role to admin, if required.

To change a member role:

  1. Click on 'Teams'
  2. Select the relevant team
  3. Click on the member whose role you wish to change
  4. Change the role from the drop down menu
  5. Click on 'Save'

All data generated for a team is owned by the owner or admin of the team. If you join a new team, you can always switch between that team and your default team. Please note that data is not shared between different teams.