Guide to EQUINET Features
Using RSVP Feature

RSVP feature allows your contacts to easily accept or decline appointments, ensuring that no trims or shoeing sessions are forgotten or missed. Here’s how to use this convenient feature:

Create an Appointment

  1. Click on '+' button from the dashboard
  2. Click on "Appointment"
  3. Choose if you want to create a service or standard appointment from the top-left bar
  4. Fill in all the necessary details by clicking into each of the fields. Tip: you can click on the "Date & time" field and select the suitable slot for the appointment through the calendar view
  5. Once you select a contact, you can choose to send an email notification and/or SMS to your contacts to inform them about the appointment
  6. Click "Save" to schedule the appointment. You will then be able to track the status of the invite SMS and email to see if they have been sent or not.
  7. Your client will receive a message with the appointment details and options to confirm or decline the appointment with just a tap.

Contact's Response

  1. Your client will get an Email and/or SMS with the appointment details and two options: Confirm or Decline.
  2. Clients can tap Confirm to accept the appointment or Decline if they are unavailable.
  3. Once they respond, you will receive a notification in the EQUINET App about their decision.

Tracking Responses

  1. In the Appointments section of your app, you can track the status of all sent appointment requests.
  2. See at a glance who has confirmed or declined your appointments.

Next Steps for Declined Appointments

  1. If a client declines the appointment, you will be notified immediately.
  2. You can then update the appointment with a new suitable time and resend the request.
  3. The client will receive an updated invite, giving them another chance to confirm or decline the new time.

Troubleshooting: Undelivered SMS

After sending an appointment invite to your contacts via SMS, you can see the status of the SMS on the appointment page. A green tick will indicate that it has been successfully delivered. If an SMS is not delivered, you will receive an in-app message, and the status on the appointment page will change to "not sent." This might be due to an incorrect number or issues with the contact's mobile network provider. In that case, please reach out to the contact to discuss the appointment directly.

Make the most of the RSVP feature to ensure smooth and efficient appointment scheduling. Keep your clients informed and engaged, and never miss an appointment again!