Guide to EQUINET Features
Creating an Invoice
EQUINET provides the option to create invoices through the app. To be able to create an invoice, it is necessary to link it with an existing horse entry and contact* (read Adding a Horse Entry or Adding a Contact for more detailed instructions).

Follow the steps below to create a new invoice:

  1. Click the '+' button from the Dashboard
  2. Click on "Invoice"
  3. Select an existing contact you want to invoice or add a new one
  4. Fill in the due date and tax (included/excluded). Please ensure that you follow the same tax structure that you initially setup in your Farrier procedures in the settings (for instance, if you entered the cost of the service/procedure with tax in the procedure settings, make sure to select "Tax Included" in the invoice)
  5. Select the horse entry/entries you want to invoice or create a new one (Note: only entries with procedures can be invoiced since the invoice amount is directly linked to procedures). Make sure that the 'Attach report' toggle button is set to green in case you want to attach a report of the associated horse entry with the invoice.
  6. Click on "Save." You can see the invoice by clicking on the "View" button on the next screen.
*Note that you can also create a new associated horse entry and contact on the invoice page. However, we recommend creating an entry and contact beforehand for a more efficient and simpler process.