Guide to EQUINET Features
Setting up Invoicing
To start sending invoices to your clients through EQUINET, it is necessary to setup the invoicing function in the settings of the app. This involves two steps:

  1. Adding your farrier services or procedures: this involves adding procedures or services that you can perform (shoeing, trimming, etc.) along with setting a price for each (read Getting Started: Adding your farrier services or procedures for detailed instructions)
  2. Additionally, you can choose to do one of the following:

    Connect with Third-party Accounting Providers: for best performance, you have the option to connect your EQUINET account with a third-party accounting provider (QuickBooks or Xero) for an overall efficient financial management (read Connecting with Third-party Accounting Providers for detailed instructions). Please note that the option to share an invoice with a contact is only possible if you are connected to one of accounting providers


    If you use a different accounting provider (i.e., not Xero or QuickBooks) or would prefer to upload directly into your third-party accounting program, you can send yourself a CSV file of the invoice reports (read Sharing Invoice Report from EQUINET).