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Setting up Invoicing
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To start sending invoices to your clients through Equinet, it is necessary to setup the invoicing function in the settings of the app. This involves two steps:

  1. Adding your farrier services or procedures: this involves adding procedures or services that you can perform (shoeing, trimming, etc.) along with setting a price for each (read Getting Started: Adding your farrier services or procedures for detailed instructions)
  2. Additionally, you can choose to do one of the following:

    Connect with Third-party Accounting Providers: for best performance, you have the option to connect your Equinet account with a third-party accounting provider (like QuickBooks or Xero) for an overall efficient financial management (read Connecting with Third-party Accounting Providers for detailed instructions). Please note that the option to share an invoice with a contact is only possible if you are connected to one of accounting providers


    If you use a different accounting provider (i.e., not Xero or QuickBooks) or would prefer to upload directly into your Third-party accounting program, you can send yourself a CSV file of the invoice reports.
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